The “Green” Solution

It is no longer just a colour… “Going Green” is a lifestyle choice and business term, which  practices more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions (Middletown Thrall Library, 2015). Both individuals and businesses can take action to protect natural environments, and there is more of a demand now than ever. Growing public concern about the health of the planet, combined with the increasing use of the internet, creates a perfect global solution: E-MARKETING!

Paper or Pixel?

Below is an example of different green consumers, which can define how much a customer cares for the environment when making their purchases.

  • Lohas
  • Naturalites
  • Drifters
  • Conventionals
  • Unconcerneds

(Ottman, 2011)

This list helps companies appeal to their target market through digital tools, which cut out many of the unfriendly environmental aspect. Customers feel as though they have reduced their carbon footprint by staying home and shopping online (De Chant, 2016), while businesses have decreased harm to the environment by using digital media, rather than print… But it isn’t that simple. It is important to note that electricity and energy come from the earth’s natural resources too (National Geographic, 2013) which begs a new question: Is electricity really greener than paper? 

“Green” Eggs and Ham

Some restaurants and cafes have jumped on the “green” bandwagon through recycling initiatives, optional straws and introducing digital menus on interactive touch screens like McDonald’s (Kowitt, 2016). While this can be more convenient for customers, devices would have to continuously stay plugged in a charging port and left “on” – therefore using more electricity than before and creating new toxic waste (Carli, 2010).


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