What makes a phone “smart”?

A “smartphone” is a cellular device with integrated computer features, not originally associated with telephones (Rouse, 2007). Users are able to surf the web, watch videos, play games, shop,  access emails and mobile banking, in their hands at any given time. Click here for a short video on the basics of smartphones.

It is estimated that there are roughly 2 billion smartphone users worldwide (Kissongeris, 2015). Overtaking laptops as the UK’s number one internet source (Ofcom, 2015), these compact pocket devices are the hub of daily life. Click here to see how it affects users.





Nomophobia, a.k.a. Smartphone Addiction, can be defined as the physical and emotional anxiety caused by being absent from a smartphone device (Archer, 2013). Additional reading on smartphone addiction can be found here.




5 Signs of Smartphone Addiction

  1. Feeling anxious when the device is not present
  2. Struggling to concentrate when conversing “in person”
  3. Usage is antisocial in the company of others
  4. Causes the user to procrastinate when completing daily tasks
  5. Feeling the need to document everything

Computing Forever, 2014

Are Smartphones Ruining Restaurant Service?


While 55% of people think it unacceptable to use phones at the table, many still admit to doing so (Ofcom, 2015). A restaurant owner in NYC noted smartphones caused slower service, as guests were concerned with connecting to wifi and taking photos of their food (McCormack, 2014). The article (found here) compares service from 2004 to 2014, stating fewer customers could be seated, and therefore, less money is spent. The obsession with phones is causing outrage among servers, who suggest they be banned from restaurants completely (Street-Porter, 2016).


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