Digital marketing, Online marketing, Internet marketing… all terms frequently interchanged, and considered synonymous, when discussing electronic marketing. Regardless of which term is most preferred, it is defined as the marketing of products and services to current and potential customers online, via the internet (Miller, 2012). Further definitions and a comparison of terms can be found here.


An inter-network creates a way to connect personal computer networks with others around the world, more commonly known as the Internet (Carter et al, 2007). With roughly 40% of the world’s population online today (Internet Live Stats, 2016), e-marketing makes reaching customers more accessible, while promoting a product becomes more competitive.

The main difference between traditional marketing and e-marketing, is the channels used to relay their messages (Click here for a short video of comparisons). Walker (2010) suggests businesses have diverted advertising spend away from radio, posters, newspapers and magazines as the audience shifts online, using digital techniques such as websites, blogs, social media, and e-mail to send out content. More information on different e-marketing strategies can be found here.


Digital Marketing
Common forms of digital marketing, not limited to the few options listed in this image


Two reasons to dive headfirst into e-marketing are:

  1. Because your competitors are doing it
  2. Because your customers expect it

(Miller, 2012, p. 7).


It sure sounds easy, but e-marketing takes time and effort to maintain. E-marketing can reach an infinite audience and offers instant direct contact with a business – if done right (Digital Marketing Strategies, 2015). A digital marketing strategy is necessary for success, and websites like Smart Insights offer a toolkit to learn. A further list of advantages can be found here.



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